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Our Clients Include

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Welcome to BidURenergy - Energy Consulting Services

BidURenergy, Inc. (BUE) is the premier energy supply consulting firm in North America. BUE's sole objective is to bring absolute lowest electricity and/or natural gas rates to its industrial, commercial and retail clients, a purpose that has led to millions of dollars in savings. In fact, in an average week BUE saves its clients more than $500,000.

BUE services thousands of clients across North America, from large industrial facilities to commercial property management firms and everything in between. A massive client base shared with its sister companies means leverage, and this leverage has energy suppliers bidding the lowest rates available in the market through BUE's PowerPit™ auction platform. Participating suppliers that bid to supply our clients' accounts with unreasonable rates are suspended from the platform.

BUE sits on your side of the table and keeps energy suppliers and their rates in check...


Important Facts about BidURenergy:
  • BUE is the most experienced supply consultant in the industry, with over a hundred years of combined industry experience.
  • BUE is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating.
  • BUE's client retention rate is >99%, a fact attesting to our ability to satisfy our clients.
  • BUE is a blue collar company that has derived its success through hard work and nothing less. We are not a pretentious company that will pretend to offer our clients the world through flashy presentations. We spend much more time on actually satisfying our clients.