Channel Partners

Channel Partners

BUE works with channel partners across the United States and Canada to design the best possible solutions for our customers. Through these strong relationships we’re able to gain industry knowledge and offer niche products.

How does it work?

Our channel partner relationships are designed to help you expand the scope of your business by allowing you to offer innovative solutions to your clients, without the required back-end resources and expense. While your clients receive enhanced energy management strategies, you create an extra revenue stream for your business.

After coming on board as a channel partner, you’ll work hand in hand with one of our representatives to develop an outreach plan for your existing or prospective clients. You maintain control over which services most closely align with your interests and the interests of your clients. We maintain a non-compete platform that ensures we have no conflicts with services you may already offer.

What services could I bring to my clients?

Your clients will be eligible for a wide variety of services including electricity and natural gas supply, capacity management, demand response, distributed energy resources, tariff optimization, utility bill management, bill auditing and RFP management depending on their geographical location and load size.

How are referrals handled?

We understand how important your clients are to you and strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved. Your referred clients will always be handled with the utmost level of care.

You will be appointed a single point of contact to handle any questions or concerns that you or your referred clients may have. You will determine your level of commitment in client communications and have the option to be included on any pertinent developments and correspondence.

How am I compensated?

Our channel partner incentive rates are established on your level of activity and quantity of qualified leads. There is no cap on the amount you can make through this referral structure.

When and how you receive payment depends on the types of services you decide to offer to your clients.

Interested in becoming a BUE Channel Partner?

Contact us today to learn more about becoming one of our strategic channel partners.


BUE services thousands of clients across North America, from large industrial facilities to commercial property management firms and everything in between.

Our extensive client portfolio gives us leverage, resulting in energy suppliers bidding the lowest rates available in the market through our procurement process.