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Commercial Energy Rates, Energy Consultants, Energy Reduction

Energy Savings for your Business

  • Energy Auction results are typically 10% to 25% below utility energy rates.

Get Control and Reduce your Commercial Energy Rates

  • YOU determine the commercial energy rates you will accept.

  • YOU determine the maximum energy contract term length you will accept.

Options to Reduce your Commercial Energy Rates

  • If the energy reduction product exists, we can get it for you!

  • If what you want doesn't exist, we will work with our energy suppliers to make it!

Bonus Green Energy

  • BUE can often get our client's green energy at the same price (or a small premium) as traditional energy rates.

  • After enrolling, you will receive a “We Believe in Green” plaque to demonstrate your commitment to your community and environment.

Reputable Electricity Suppliers Only

  • There are countless electricity suppliers in the market, many with complaints at the Public Service Commission and questionable Better Business Bureau ratings. Others electricity suppliers provide electric rates that appear to be good, but in fact fail to include certain energy rate components.

  • BUE performs exhaustive due diligence on our energy suppliers and ensures they are highly regarded in the industry. A number of disreputable electricity suppliers have been banned from our energy auctions.