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BUE's Discount Energy Network ("DEN") operates on a simple formula:

discount energy network

Obtain energy savings with BidURenergy.

Strength in Numbers –

  • Becoming a member of the DEN with over 10,000 others gives your business the leverage it needs to command access to "reserved" rates, favorable contract terms, and customized products that are unattainable from any other source.

Supplier Scrutiny –

  • Guided by BUE's Suppliers Standards and Expectations, your account will be auctioned (no-obligation on your part) to the most competitive and reputable suppliers in the industry. Dozens of suppliers have been denied participation because they did not transcend the required endorsement process. In other words, we only let our clients sign with the best suppliers!

Blind Auction –

  • Suppliers cannot see what their competition is bidding, which automatically forces them to their lowest acceptable margin. Suppliers realize they will only have one shot to earn your business and that means they bring their best available offer.

Market Knowledge –

  • With over 100 years of collective industry experience and access to the most progressive technological tools, BUE's Pricing Analysts continue to evaluate energy and world market trends that identify savings and risk mitigation opportunities for clients.

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