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How BidURenergy is Able to Provide the Lowest Energy Rates

SIZE & MASS certified energy manager
We have thousands of businesses in our program.
BUE is the largest energy consultant in terms of size & mass.
Size & Mass = LEVERAGE = Lowest Energy Rates

Our Blind Auction process (PowerPit!™) forces suppliers to provide rock bottom rates. Since suppliers don't know what their competitors are bidding they must provide their best rate up front or risk losing the potential business. Every day PowerPit! helps our customers save significant dollars on their energy bills.

Hiring only the brightest and the best, our team includes wholesale market experts (from NYISO, ISO-NE, PJM) & a former Chairman of the NY Public Service Commission. BUE is focused on remaining the most stable supply consultant in the industry.

BUE's analysts use proprietary, state of the art programming to continuously monitor rate trends and market factors that affect energy rates. Additionally, each account is carefully analyzed prior to requesting suppliers' bids. Your particular facility type, load profile and special requests help us match your needs with the supplier that will best meet those needs.

We negotiate rates on every level, forcing energy suppliers to tighten their margins on all rate components. The all-inclusive rate you pay per kWh (electric) or DTH (natural gas) consists of numerous components: bandwidth & capacity requirements, early termination fees and green requirements, among other key points of negotiation. Chipping away at the rate on every level is just another way that BUE secures the lowest rates.

Compare electric rates and save.

What BUE can do for you