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Energy Supplier Standards and Expectations

Any violation of these policies may result in non-admittance or expulsion from the PowerPIT™ auction platform:
  • Suppliers are to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Suppliers must not have any outstanding complaints filed with the Public Utility Commissions, Public Service Commissions, or other public entity.
  • Suppliers must maintain an exemplary reputation.
  • Contract terms must be fair and provide safeguards for BUE clients.
  • Suppliers shall not hide any taxes or fees.
  • All rate offers must clearly state included and excluded components.

Energy consultants help select energy suppliers.

About BUE-Approved Suppliers:
  • Almost all own generation facilities
  • Average BBB rating of an A
  • Awards from KEMA and JD Power & Associates
  • Awards for high customer satisfaction
  • Many offer green options - BUE can get customers anywhere from 10-100% green energy. Most are national and deal in many markets. A few are even international.
  • BUE suppliers own most of the pipeline capacity, allowing the lowest natural gas prices.

Non-BUE suppliers:
  • Some have questionable tactics – if you are not an energy expert, you may find out when it's too late!
  • Are you comparing apples to apples on rates and what is included in those rates?
  • Some suppliers leave out certain charges to appear to have lower rates (SUT, Line Losses, etc.)
  • What is their BBB rating?
  • Do they have complaints filed with the Public Service Commission (PSC)?
  • Are they custom fitting a product specifically to your needs or just forcing you into a box with other customers?
Bue Quality

BUE has performed due diligence on all suppliers wishing to bid on our clients' accounts in the PowerPit! We have rejected numerous suppliers for failing to meet our Supplier Standards and Expectations.