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Discount Electric - Energy Reduction Programs

BidURenergy, Inc. pairs customers with discount electric providers to cut costs and reduce overhead. BidURenergy, Inc. (BUE) has revolutionized the way customers shop for discount electric and natural gas suppliers. Using more than 30 competitive electricity and natural gas suppliers, BUE has developed the PowerPit™ auction platform where suppliers compete for your business. In the PowerPit™ blind auction, suppliers are given one shot and one opportunity to submit their absolute lowest rate to earn your accounts. Because BUE is paid an equal amount by each discount electric and natural gas supplier, they are completely impartial to which supplier wins the auction.

What is Discount Electric?

Receiving discount electric is not a matter of buying coal or natural gas from an alternative supplier; it is a matter of taking advantage of market conditions and aggressive purchasing strategies. Since discount electric providers are not bound by tariffs (laws) on when or how they can purchase blocks of wholesale energy, they are at a distinct advantage over local utilities.

While a few electricity suppliers own generation assets, most third-party suppliers are simply wholesale traders. Third-party suppliers are strongly funded organizations with the financial backing to purchase large “futures contracts”. With this freedom, discount electric providers are able to take advantage of market lulls and purchase large blocks of wholesale electric. Most tariffs, governing the supply of electricity to default service customers, are written to where utilities must purchase electricity in certain intervals, no matter current market conditions. This generally results in default service customers paying higher prices for electric supply than customers choosing to purchase from a third-party supplier.

Discount Electric
Put BidURenergy's market expertise to work for you

Discount Electric Market Knowledge

BidURenergy’s market analysts constantly watch the wholesale market and are trained to watch for market triggers indicating an opportune time to lock-in for your next term. In an effort to realize higher margins on customers, many discount electric providers will persuade customers to lock-in their rates at less than optimal times in the market. BUE’s market analysts ensure you are shopping for discount electric at a time that will benefit your organization. Should suppliers return rates that will not ultimately benefit you, BUE will place your accounts in the PriceWatch™ system that alerts your dedicated market analyst when market conditions turn favorable.

Discount Electric ... More than just rates...

BidURenergy, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all your energy needs. Whether it’s securing the most competitive discount electric and natural gas rates, completing a comprehensive energy audit, helping prevent blackouts through demand response programs, or if you feel your utility bills may have errors, BUE can help. BUE has partnered with its sister companies, Energy Curtailment Specialists (ECS) and Ace Energy, to create an all-inclusive package of energy products.

Discount Electric
PowerPit gives you the power to choose

Over the past decade, ECS has become the largest privately-held demand response provider in North America. With the decommissioning of more and more coal-fired generators, demand response programs are becoming increasingly important to maintaining stability on the grid during peak times. Competition amongst demand response providers is at an all-time high, and much like BUE’s discount electric and natural gas rates, ECS guarantees the best rates in the industry. By participating in a demand response program, not only are you helping to keep the lights on across the country, but you’re earning a measureable revenue stream for your organization.

Along with the growth of demand response programs, building automation and building management systems have become ever popular amongst large-scale energy users. Having the ability to completely control a facility’s energy consumption from a centralized location has become increasingly popular with today’s green initiatives. Ace Energy has spearheaded the push for building automation and efficiency upgrades through their SMART Automation and SMART Metering programs. Ace’s efforts have given facility managers complete control of their energy use at their fingertips; all while reducing overhead costs and doing their part to protect the environment.

BidURenergy takes pride in providing comprehensive energy consulting service through its PowerPit™ auction platform, Inspect-UR-Bill utility bill auditing service, and demand response and building automation programs through its sister companies ECS and ACE Energy. BUE is an industry leader in brings discount electric providers to clients and has quickly moved into the upper echelon of vetted energy consultants in North America!