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BidURenergy Education Workshop
BidURenergy Webinars

Every 1st Wednesday @ 1 PM: Next Workshop 10/02/13

Energy Curtailemnt Webinars

BidUREnergy (BidURenergy: UR Energy Supply Procurement Experts)

BidURenergy (BUE) is free and easy to use and can save you significant dollars on your energy bills. BUE pits suppliers against each other to compete to supply your account. In the past, utility companies provided natural gas and electricity services. When deregulation occurred, it allowed for more energy providers to come to the table with their services. The increase in providers created a competitive market and more competitive pricing – if you know how to get it. Leverage, Leverage, Leverage! BUE works for its customers, not suppliers. BUE leverages its massive customer base to get you the lowest rate! Suppliers know they better come with the lowest rate or they will not receive future opportunities from BUE!

Every 1st Thursday @ 1 PM: Next Workshop 10/03/13

Energy Curtailemnt Webinars

Demand Response & BUE
(BidURenergy: UR Energy Rates and Demand Response Working Together)

Once or twice a year the electric grid experiences a high degree of stress (usually in summer). In order to reduce the strain on the grid, demand response programs have been developed by the utilities and grid operators. When this grid instability occurs, thousands of businesses like yours reduce their electric use and help to prevent blackouts or brownouts. In exchange for this commitment to reduce electric once or twice a year, the participating companies receive significant $$$. You receive advance (up to 24 hours) notification of the need to reduce to allow you to shift processes or employees temporarily or otherwise put your reduction plan in place. Find out how to create a new revenue stream like thousands of others have.