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Energy Consulting News

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Con Edison Price Increases Expected for October 2013

Posted by Matthew Faulkner
Matthew Faulkner
Matthew Faulkner is an experienced business analyst focusing on the energy market. He grew up in West Seneca, ...
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on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 in BUE

Con Edison, New York City and Westchester County’s electricity service provider, expects to increase prices for fall 2013. This November, the company will present the desired increases to the state’s Public Service Commission, with an 11-month decision process following the proposal. If approved, price changes will be passed onto energy customers about this time next year.

Ironically enough, the fall season is usually about the time when customers see a spike in their energy bills as temperatures drop and heaters are turned on. Con Ed customers actually use less energy than those in different areas on the nation, yet gas and electric bills for a small NYC apartment tends to be comparable to that of an entire home in other areas in the US.

Con Edison has yet to disclose exactly what these price increases may be, so customers in the area may be in for an unpleasant surprise. The increases would apply to electric, gas, and steam service within the utility, and with all products included in the proposed rate increase, costs will likely be noticeably higher to even the individual consumer.

The time frames of price spikes are unknown, and may last for one or more years, as details are broad at this time prior to the initial proposal. Consumers will be anxiously awaiting the state’s decision following the proposal, as already higher-than-normal prices in the Con Ed utility remain a concern.

While Con Ed handles the delivery portion of an energy bill, customers are able to source the supply side of their bill from a third-party supplier in order to find savings on that end. Energy consultants work with customers to compare numerous suppliers’ rates to ensure that a customer is getting the lowest rates possible, usually finding savings upwards of 10-12%.

To learn more about how to save money on the supply side of your energy bills, contact an energy consultant today.

Matthew Faulkner
Business Analyst
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
BidURenergy, Inc.

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Matthew Faulkner is an experienced business analyst focusing on the energy market. He grew up in West Seneca, NY, and holds a BA in Economics & Finance from Canisius College. His interests include microeconomics, contemporary literature, and fine dining. Subscribe to his energy market news for the latest energy market business analysis. He can be found on Google+ and reached via email.


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