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Demand Response Highlights
  • On very rare occasions the electric grid experiences a high degree of stress. In order to reduce the strain on the grid, demand response programs have been developed by the utilities and grid operators.

  • When this grid instability occurs, thousands of businesses like yours get paid big $$$ to reduce their electric use and help prevent blackouts or brownouts.

  • There is NO COST at any time and NO PENALTIES if you fail to reduce when called.

Demand Response Benefits

Demand response has become an important component of electric system planning.Utilities and regulatory commissions are setting goals to obtain a higher percentage of energy supply from renewable resources and take polluting plants off the grid. Meanwhile, demand for electricity continues to increase with no signs of letting up.

On the flip side, efforts to meet increased demand by pushing more electricity through transmission equipment can cause problems such as voltage fluctuations. Machinery may stop working at low voltage levels, and resulting effects can be short term brownouts in isolated areas to widespread blackouts with burnt transistors and power lines.

Demand response allows electricity suppliers and grid operators to cut stress by reducing demand for electricity. Grids are thus stabilized and electricity can be provided reliably.

Demand response programs pay you, the electricity consumer, to stand ready as a last line of defense to these rare but dangerous electric reliability crisis situations! Not only does demand response have a lower cost and shorter ramp up period than building new peaker plants, it’s environmentally friendly with virtually no emissions. ECS’ Demand Response programs are your best option for demand response,with NO risk and NO out-of-pocket expense.