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Government RFP

RFP Manager - Government Request for Proposal

Not an expert on LMP-DA prices? Do you know: How much variance to require in your electric supply contract? What is an appropriate adder for natural gas index pricing? What is the load profile on your accounts? How are capacity costs trending? Don’t know? Don’t have time to figure it out? BidURenergy knows the answers & much more!

RFP Handling Service

When it comes to analyzing responses to Request for Proposals (RFPs), OBJECTIVITY is crucial. BidURenergy, Inc. recently unveiled its convenient, easy-to-use RFP handling service to assist governmental entities in obtaining third party electricity and natural gas supply through a competitive process that conforms to all applicable laws. BidURenergy’s RFP process, engineered by lawyers,market analysts, and energy research specialists, was specifically designed to be as transparent as possible to ensure all laws are satisfied while concurrently accomplishing the end goal – low energy costs! The process ensures that taxpayers’ dollars are used as efficiently as possible.

Read the case study:

Government RFP Handling Service

How BUE Got Started

In the past, governmental customers of BUE’s parent company, ECS, continually asked for help obtaining third party supply and analyzing supply contracts. When one or two customers came to ECS asking for advice, it was simple, but as word spread, it became evident that there was a niche in energy markets that desperately needed to be filled. Voilà! BidURenergy was born! Governmental entities can now benefit from the leverage of BUE’s massive customer base to demand the lowest possible energy rates. The process is designed to be as hands-off OR as hands-on as the decision maker(s) require. BUE customizes RFPs to each entity’s best interests and keeps them informed every step of the way!

How BidURenergy Works:

  • BUE analyzes & prepares your account for bid.
  • BUE submits RFP to the most competitive suppliers & receives response bids.
  • BUE analyzes bid responses, prepares savings projections, & makes recommendations to client ensuring an apples to apples comparison.
  • You can relax knowing BUE will constantly watch the market for you.