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BidURenergy Green Campus

Of all the lessons we hope to teach our children, one of the most important is to “be kind to our planet.” At BidURenergy (BUE), it has become the mission of the Green Campus Program™ to help educational facilities get this message across to tomorrow’s leaders. There is no better way to teach than leading by example. The Green Campus Program™ is designed to bring attention to your institution’s Green Initiatives and promote energy sustainability.

Program Features and Benefits:
  • As with all BUE programs, participation is FREE!
  • You can offset anywhere from 10 to 100 percent of your electricity usage with Green-sourced generation (e.g. Solar, wind, biomass, etc.)
  • BUE has arranged for Green generators to supply electricity to educational facilities at their marginal cost. This offer is only available through the Green Campus Program™!
  • You will NEVER need install solar panels, wind turbines, or any other equipment. You will receive all the same benefits of having renewable generation installed at your site, but none of the headaches (e.g. upfront costs, eyesores, maintenance costs, PPAs.)
  • You will also receive the following:
    • Graphics to use on your website
    • A plaque made from 100 percent recycled material to display in your lobby or office
    • The right to use the Green Campus Program™ logo on marketing materials to current and prospective students
    • At your request, BUE will publish a press release citing your participation

Educational institutions have the unique opportunity (some would say obligation) to help ensure a Green tomorrow for everyone! Through your participation in Green Campus Program™, you will show students and the community your dedication to and the importance of being Green.