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Industrial Energy Management | Industrial Energy Audits

Industrial Energy Management and Industrial Energy Audits

Are you looking for an industrial energy consultant who understands the complex processes of your industrial facility? BidURenergy (BUE) can help! No one knows your facility like you do, and no one knows energy like BUE.

With hundreds of energy consultants knocking at your door, each professing to be the “best” to assist you with your energy management goals and each representing that they can deliver the lowest electricity and natural gas rates, it is imperative that you conduct appropriate due diligence. A couple things are clear – it is impractical for every consultant to have the expertise necessary to help you meet your energy management goals and it is impossible for every single consultant to bring you the lowest rates.

As an industrial facility, one of your biggest costs of business is the energy you use (electricity and natural gas). There are many ways to attack these costs. The two primary inputs for your energy costs are (1.) the amount of energy you use; and (2.) the rate you pay per unit of energy consumed. To the extent that you can control either or both of these inputs, the end result will be less cost and more $$$ for your business. The first input (amount of energy you use) can be combated through effective energy management. The second input (the rate you pay) is directly related to your ability to procure lowest rates for your electricity and natural gas as well as identifying any billing errors you have been or are being subjected to, i.e. energy procurement and bill auditing.

Industrial Energy Management

BidURenergy is the demonstrated industry leader when it comes to energy management initiatives for industrial facilities. From energy efficiency projects to demand response to peak shaving and Smart Metering, we have not only the answer but the actual programs for you to participate in. With BUE you are not shuffled to several channel partners that actually render the services. BUE will educate you on the opportunities available to your facility to save on your energy costs and in some cases, for e.g. demand response, actually receive lucrative payments.

Click here to request information regarding energy management initiatives for your facility

Energy Procurement and Energy Bill Auditing:

BidURenergy specializes in helping industrial facilities like yours save on their electricity and natural gas costs, services which are free to you. In fact, more than 80% of our customers are from the manufacturing / industrial sector. Energy costs are undoubtedly a big part of your operating costs and must of course be budgeted for. Achieving best rates over a long term is therefore extremely important. The net result of lower energy rates is that the saved $$$ can go to a different line item or add to your bottom line. BidURenergy understands that your energy profile is unique and needs to be treated as such when suppliers offer rates.

Many energy brokers or consultants will price an industrial account the same as they would price a school or apartment complex. We recognize that your daily operations require you to have distinctive energy needs, and our pricing analysts work hard to ensure you are getting the savings you need to maintain a lower operating cost.

BUE’s PowerPit Commands Lowest Rates from Suppliers:

BUE’s proprietary PowerPit is a wholesale auction clearinghouse where only the most competitive suppliers are permitted to bid on our customers’ accounts. Unlike a reverse auction, where suppliers are merely bidding against each other in a manner to ensure they offer the lowest rates out of the bidding suppliers, PowerPit is a blind auction platform designed to invoke the lowest rates from every supplier. Click here for more information on Powerpit and reverse vs. blind auctions

BUE Recognizes that Industrial Facilities are Unique:

  1. Your load profile as an industrial facility is of primary importance: Whether you are a 24/7 operation running 3 shifts or a 1 shift operation, the way you use your energy and when you use it are unique. Your load profile is an extremely important consideration when looking at energy rates…and if suppliers bid on your account without considering this, you are paying for it. Not only that, but 2 facilities with the same load profile (percentage-wise) can operate in an entirely different manner (for eg, a 1 shift facility running 9 am to 5 pm is a lot different than a facility running 1 shift from 12 noon to 8 pm. Wholesale energy rates vary hourly and it is obviously cheaper to use power off peak as opposed to on peak. BUE ensures that suppliers offer rates consistent with the way YOU use your energy.
  2. The impact of your capacity obligation on your electric bill is huge: Just like everyone else, you pay a demand charge to the utility. This demand charge has nothing at all to do with your supplier because it is imposed on the delivery side of your energy bill (ie. through the utility). However, as an industrial facility, your load profile has a very large impact on the capacity component of your supply rate…and suppliers MUST take this into consideration or, again, you may be significantly over-paying. BUE ensures that suppliers offer rates consistent with your particular capacity requirement and nothing more.
  3. Bandwidth provisions in supplier agreements are complex yet very significant to an industrial facility: Suppliers generally have bandwidth provisions in their agreements which can severely impact you as an industrial facility. Bandwidth simply means that you agree not to vary to a significant extent (typically 10%) from a pre-determined energy use through the term of your agreement…and if you do, you have to pay balancing fees that can be costly. Considering the economic climate and other factors, it is often times very difficult for an industrial facility to predict in advance how much production may be up or down into the future. BUE ensures that you are protected by negotiating the terms of these bandwidth provisions through the leverage of our market strength.
  4. As an industrial facility you need flexibility by the supplier in a longer term contract: As an industrial facility, it is likely that the energy is one of your highest costs of doing business. Achieving best rates over a long term is extremely important. BUE ensures that the supplier you work with has the widest flexibility available to take advantage of market changes that occur during the term of your agreement. For example, BUE recently signed a paper manufacturer to a “blend and extend” agreement with their supplier which will save them over $3M in the next year alone. That company had signed a fixed rate deal 2 years ago when the market was at its highest. The concern at that time was that the prices were going to go even higher (remember the talk of $10 gas at the pumps when we were at $4 to $5?)…so without knowing better this company (and thousands like it) signed a long term fixed rate that now 2 years later looks like they were literally robbed (their rates now were almost twice the current market rate). So, BUE went to work, contacting the supplier and negotiating a change in the agreement and extending at that favorable rate. If you are tied into a high supply rate right now, do not fret. Let BUE take a shot at saving you big $$$. It costs you nothing remember.

Non-exhaustive list of services available:

  • Smart Metering via Powertrak
  • Supply Auctions with Contract Negotiation
  • Automated Reporting and Access to Historical Data
  • Comprehensive & Customized Energy Plans
  • Risk Management & Buying Strategies
  • Utility Bill Auditing
  • Demand Response
  • Complete Energy Audits
  • Lighting and Building Control Systems
  • Access to block purchases and hedging
  • Complete Energy Audits by LEED Engineers
  • Green Supply (10% - 100%)
  • Renewable Energy Credits available at a discount
  • Carbon Credit Trading
  • Carbon Offset Procurement
  • Demand Side Management
  • Peak Shaving & Load Shifting
  • Load Factor Correction
  • Real-time Access & Control of Electricity Usage & Demands
  • Carbon Monitoring
  • Lighting Upgrades with Payback Analyses
  • Co-generation Consultation and Installations
  • Fuel Switching Software
  • Alternative Fuel Procurement
  • Cost-savings Analyses for all projects (if applicable)
  • Power Purchase Agreements with utility
  • Power and Natural Gas Tariff Monitoring
  • Monthly Budgeting and Reporting
  • Building Benchmarking
  • On-site Solar Project Consultation and Installation