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Smart Energy

Ace Energy is your comprehensive Energy Services Company (ESCo).  We specialize in customizable energy-efficient lighting solutions and power management resources. Ace Energy provides consulting, analysis, design, and complete turnkey solutions for businesses nationwide seeking to reduce energy costs and consumption.

Fiscally and environmentally responsible solutions for rising sustainability concerns.  Quality and affordable measures to improve your facility and save money.

Features of this Program

Smart light
Energy efficient lighting is the easiest and most affordable way to lower operating costs. We specialize in customizable energy efficient lighting solutions and controls to improve your operations while reducing energy costs and consumption.

  • Free Facility Lighting Audits

  • Cash-Positive Funding

  • State / Utility Rebates and Incentives

  • Improve your Facility and Lower Operating Costs

Smart automation
Ace Energy's SMARTAutomation program provides free facility assessments for qualified users seeking to take control of their energy consumption. We provide state-of-the-art metering and control technologies that are affordable and easy to use.

SMARTAutomation Services
  • SMARTMeter- Real Time Monitoring and Reporting of electrical demand with our state of the art web based system.

  • SMARTStat- Control and monitor Fan Coils, PTACs, Heat Pumps, Roof Top Units, and AC Units with an easy to install thermostat retrofit.