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About us

We are more than just an energy consulting firm. Our strategic approach to managing our customers' energy spend is to explore all available options and understand each facility’s particular consumption patterns.

As a broker, we help connect customers with the right supplier based on their energy needs and budget, whether it's electricity or natural gas plans, demand response, or bill management. We provide you with a dedicated team to help manage your accounts, and you can count on them to always be available when you need them.

Our unique position within the market gives us an industry-leading advantage amongst other consultants through a vast network of energy management solutions. Our array of products and services are custom-tailored to meet the needs of any sized commercial or industrial facility. This industry leverage, coupled with the expertise and precision we command in our everyday operations, creates a dependable and powerful ally for you and your business.

Individual terms and conditions may vary subject to your Customer Agreement

Our team

We don’t just provide our customers with low-cost energy. We help you make more efficient use of your power, improve your business's productivity, and achieve your sustainability goals. We are well-versed in the products that can help your business go further.

We work with business's in all industries, including schools and towns, manufacturing, hospital groups, and data centers.

BUE provides you with separate teams for each stage of the energy management process, and ensures that you and your business are taken care of each step of the way.


Channel partners

To design the best possible solutions for our customers, BUE works with third-party suppliers across the United States. Our channel partner relationships are designed to help you expand your business’s scope by allowing you to offer innovative solutions to your clients, without the required back-end resources and expense. While your clients receive enhanced energy management strategies, you create an extra revenue stream for your business.

After coming on board as a channel partner, you’ll work hand in hand with one of our representatives to develop an outreach plan for your existing or prospective clients. You maintain control over which services most closely align with your interests and the interests of your clients. We maintain a non-compete platform that ensures we have no conflicts with services you may already offer.

Services Offered

Your clients will be eligible for a wide variety of services, including electricity and natural gas supply, capacity management, demand response, distributed energy resources, tariff optimization, utility bill management, bill auditing, and RFP management, depending on their geographical location and load size.


We understand how important your clients are to you and strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved. We will always handle your referred clients with the utmost level of care.

You will be appointed a single point of contact to handle any questions or concerns that you or your referred clients may have. You will determine your level of commitment in client communications and have the option to be included in any pertinent developments and correspondence.


Our channel partner incentive rates are established on your level of activity and the quantity of qualified leads. There is no cap on the amount you can make through this referral structure. When and how you receive payment depends on the types of services you decide to offer to your clients.

Interested in becoming a BUE Channel Partner?

Contact us today to learn more about becoming one of our strategic channel partners. Individual terms and conditions may vary subject to your Channel Partner Agreement.



Our people and the skills, backgrounds, and voices they bring to our organization are what drive us forward. Discover a range of possibilities with BUE.

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BUE can offer natural gas and electricity supply procurement in any applicable deregulated state, as shown on the map below.

We can offer Demand Response services across the PJM, New York (NYISO), Texas (ERCOT), California (CAISO), New England (NE ISO) and Ontario, Canada (IESO) markets.

In deregulated states, third-party suppliers (non-utility companies) can supply natural gas and electricity to end-users, giving consumers the opportunity to buy their energy from the best source. Your bill is divided into two major parts: supply and delivery.

By selecting a qualified BUE supplier, you have exactly the same assurances in regard to receiving your electricity and natural gas. If the power goes out, you can still call your utility to come fix it. You will continue to receive the same reliable service you’re accustomed to and will in no way be penalized by your utility for switching.

If you receive your full energy supply requirement from your utility company, you are charged a rate based on the prevailing cost of electricity and gas plus monthly adjustments including administrative charges. These costs are passed directly to you (however, the utility has no profit on the supply portion of the bill).

Third-party suppliers can use purchasing strategies not available to the utility, allowing them to provide options your utility cannot.

No, we’ve selected suppliers that work with your utility to ensure a smooth transition between energy suppliers. The energy supplier will notify your utility company of your switch and you will continue to delivery your electricity and/or natural gas with no interruptions.

In most cases you will continue to receive a single bill from your utility company with the supply charges listed separately. BUE requires that all details of the energy supplier’s offer be provided and displayed to you.

BUE works and negotiates for you to receive the best possible rates from bidding third-party suppliers. All suppliers serving your area have been reviewed and pre-screened.

The suppliers selected to be in our procurement process are some of the biggest energy companies in the country. These suppliers must maintain a good reputation for fair business practices, good client service and our requirement to provide competitive offers.

We are confident in our ability to bring you the best rates possible and you aren’t obligated to accept any offer if you are dissatisfied for whatever reason.

Individual terms and conditions may vary subject to your Customer Agreement

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