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Proactive energy management ensures longevity for your business, preparing it for the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. At BUE, our expert team works closely with yours — uncovering your obstacles and recommending strategies that position you to be competitive and well equipped for long-term success.

Energy Plans

The future of energy is integrated with many moving parts from both traditional resources and renewables. As the energy landscape evolves over time, we will work with you to discover which energy plan suits your business needs the most. For some, that means a fixed rate energy plan with little exposure to market volatility. For others, that means a more complex plan that combines a fixed rate with the opportunity to participate in the market. Our team analyzes the last 12 – 24 months of your electric and/or natural gas usage to determine your load profile and then best positions your account for bid. We then provide a competitive electric and/or gas plan that meets your energy needs based on your load profile and energy strategy.

Our team will work with you to uncover your goals and determine which energy plans will benefit your business the most.

Comprehensive energy procurement strategy

Matching you with the right energy plan is a complex process. We will examine and learn the innerworkings of your business, so we can help determine your energy needs while keeping your budgetary obligations in consideration.

Scalable products

We pair you with an electricity and/or electric and/or gas plan that fits your needs today but can also remain highly effective as your business grows. With competitive rates and resilient, scalable products, you’ll end up with an energy plan that sets up your business for success.

Industry-leading resources

Our team will be in close communication with yours. We like to know we are providing you the very best solution, so we will check in to make sure you are satisfied with your energy plan and to open the door for new products that could help your business even further.

Demand-side Management

Capacity Management

Grid operators need a way to ensure that they are equipped to handle consumer demand at any given time. The capacity component of your supply rate allows the grid operator to scale its system to guarantee that end-users will always have electricity when they need it.

Reliable model

Capacity management helps bridge the gap between suppliers and end-users — ensuring that you will have reliable energy even when demand is high and the grid is stressed.

Innovative tracking tool

Our revolutionary CapTrak™ Platform gives you the chance to work with BUE experts to manage rising capacity costs. Using a short-term strategy to foster long-term savings, CapTrak™ customers are able to curb their annual electricity expenditure by reducing the obligation to buy needless capacity.

Future-oriented strategy

We will implement a peak load capacity reduction strategy that will position your business well for spikes in the grid. Additionally, we will issue a full projection of what you can expect for the following capacity season. Investing in capacity management now will yield savings for years to come.

Demand response has become an important component of electrical system planning in North America. Utilities and regulatory commissions across the continent are setting goals to increase supply from renewable resources and decrease reliance on costly and outdated power plants. Meanwhile, demand for electricity has increased with no sign of slowing. We partner with a demand response leader whose program pays users for reducing energy when the grid is near capacity.

Get paid for energy reduction

Demand response is an incentivized approach to energy reduction. When an event takes place, you’ll reduce your electric demand (or energy) below a predetermine threshold, which will help stabilize and prevent widespread brownouts or blackouts. Not only will this reduce your spend, but you’ll also get paid for your part in energy reduction.

Minimize your dependence on the grid

We will work with you to help you determine where you can save energy during these extreme events. No matter how critical your business is, we will always be able to find areas where you can save that don’t disrupt your operations or ability to keep the workflow from moving.

Benefit from real-time insights

Aside from getting paid to use less energy, another major benefit of demand response is that you will get real-time insights into how your business uses energy. In turn, this will help you further save energy down the road, inside and outside the bounds of a demand response event.

Account Services

Tariff Optimization

Customers often don’t realize that they’re eligible for utility service at the same quality level under a different billing class. Being in an inappropriate rate class can lead to overages and erroneous billing charges. We conduct an in-depth study of your usage patterns and potential load profiles to recommend the proper rate class to your utility.

Benefit from an all-encompassing strategy

We review your account and confirm if you are in the proper rate class based on existing energy tariffs and contracts.

Operate in the right rate class

Every business has a lot of moving parts. Ensure that as your business evolves, you operate in the correct rate class. As your partner, we will take a close look at your business model and help you avoid overages or erroneous billing charges.

Get ahead of market volatility

Our analysts constantly monitor market conditions and can guide your business with load management strategies that can help save you money and avoid unnecessary costs.

Collecting and managing a plethora of utility bills can be a daunting task. Managing up to hundreds of bills at once is extremely time consuming, while gathering readable data on your costs and usage can be nearly impossible. Our Utility Bill Management Service takes the back-office work out of the equation by extracting the data directly from your utility and invoices, then processing it into legible reports. We take the work off your hands to make the data collection process simple and accurate.

Get valuable insights from your bills

Learn more about your spending habits and how your bills are structured. As you become more familiar with your bill structure and energy spend, you can identify areas in your business model where you can save energy and reduce unnecessary costs.

Verify that you are not getting overcharged

By routinely practicing utility bill auditing, you can proactively identify any billing errors before the bill is processed. This level of bill transparency helps managers track cost figures and potentially identifies outliers and errors before the authorization goes out to remit payment for the bill.

Consolidate your bills into one centralized location

Managing multiple business locations can be time-consuming and inefficient. Our team manages all utility bills — entering, verifying, and securely storing data and usage in a web-based portal. We’ll extract data directly from your utility invoices and turn hundreds of bills into legible, data-rich reports accessible 24/7 via the portal.

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